Issue #3 Trailer 

Issue #3 starts with Adam's friend still gasping for life as they try to escape the clutches of the Demon's attack! Once Adam regains control, he must not only deal with the aftermath of the Demon's destruction but also, the wedge that is now driven between both his friends and his mother. Furthermore, the authorities and the church become suspicious of all the abnormal activity occurring in the small town of

Evergreen. The Devil Within Issue #3 is a supernatural thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very end!

The Devil Within is a six-issue comic book series that follows the main character, a teenager named Adam, and his two friends, Hex and Des, through a life-changing supernatural event. While on a ghost hunt, Adam and his friends find an ancient human skull hidden within an abandoned farmhouse. After touching the skull, Adam

becomes possessed by a Demon imprisoned within the skull. As his life spirals out of control, Adams faced with choices that will change his friends, family, and humanity forever! Issue #1 of The Devil Within sets the stage for what will become a significant test for Adam and his friends.


In Issue #2, Adam's world gets turned upside down as he and the Demon are now bound together. The Demon vows to protect Adam at all costs. Yet, Adam must find his way through truth, loyalty, and morality when confronted with the supernatural world. Adam learns about the Demon's past and the abilities that the Demon possesses. These abilities immediately start to interfere with Adam's life as, through the Demon's knowledge, he finds out that his mother has been lying to him for weeks. Dejected, Adam turns to his friends, Hex and Des, for help. On his way to meet up with his friends, Adam unexpectedly walks into a confrontation. Adam allows the Demon to take over his body to save one of his friends from being attacked. However, after feeling threatened, the Demon quickly turns his rage

towards Adam's friend.

Issue #2 Trailer