The Devil Within

comic book series

©2019 by The Devil Within

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The Devil Within is a 6 issue comic book series that follows Adam and his two friends, Hex (Hector) and Des (Desirée), through a life changing supernatural event. 

An ancient evil that was thought to have been contained centuries ago is released back into the world.

Adam, Hex, and Des are three high school students from a small town in Colorado. 


Hex and Des try to convince Adam to join them on a ghost hunt at an abandoned farm house where two people were murdered decades before.

Adam, being a skeptic, is uninterested and sees this as a waste of time. Hex and Des use the fact that Adam is the only member of the school’s A/V club to their advantage and convince him to come so he can film the hunt. 

However, on the ghost hunt, they have an unexpected experience that will change their lives and friendship forever.

Issue #1 of The Devil Within sets the stage for what will become a major test for Adam and his friends.